In the relatively short history of South African lottery, there are many major lottery winners, and they are paid to countless lucky players across millions of countries.

All these lottery winners earn the money they always wanted, but not all of them can lead the lives they always wanted to lead. I am lucky to be able to invest wisely, invest, and control everything. Others lose everything for drugs, drinks, greedy friends, and bad investments.

From misery to wealth

Johannesburg's grandfather had a bad time by 2017. He was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and one of his eyes was blind when he was treated.

He loses his job and looks good in his day. The good luck goddess seemed to ignore him and there was little money to feed his family. When he won the Grand Prix in the summer of 2017, his luck finally changed and he received an impressive award of 170,000 rupees.

This is not all because the doctor told him that his cancer was in remission. He is at least healthy-at least in most cases-he no longer has to worry about spending enough money to pay his bills.

Win for double

The player from Limpopo won the South African national lottery in 2002 and received an impressive Rs. 11 million But many players ran with money, stopped working and spent the whole life in the sun, but thought that 11 million players were not enough.

He continued to draw lots and also invested more money to pursue a big victory. I think I can do it again if I do it once. And his perseverance was successful as he won again in 2009, winning about three times the prize money.

He chose to remain anonymous twice, but his understanding of him was enough to let him know that he did not waste his money. He uses it to ensure the child's best future, provide financial stability, and a successful business to help maintain his wealth when other lottery winners lose them Build

Sibusiso Cebekhulu soon failed

Sibusiso Cebekhulu is one of the biggest warning stories of South African lottery tickets. This is not his real name, but a player who won the prize in 2000 and continues to blow away any penny.

According to the previous winner, he is a "smile" in the community, and teachers and parents use his stories to teach children how to pay their money.

By 2004, when he earned 9.9 million Rand in four years, he was not with his parents. The newspaper I visited at that time called the house "very gentle" and noticed that his clothes were "dressed".

People think Cebekhulu spends money on medicines, drinks, designer clothes, restaurants and hotels. He eats at a luxury restaurant every night, spends time at a luxury hotel, and spends money tomorrow. But when it finally arrived, Sibusiso Cebekhulu had to have tomorrow, noticing that he was powerless, lamenting his luxury spending.

Like the previous colorful ticket winners, Sibusiso Cebekhulu argues that his friends are starting to seek deliveries at every opportunity, and new and old friends come out of wood products to make requests. He gave up the goods, wrote a car, and was hijacked further.

Fall from another blessing

The story of Sibusiso Cebekhulu is also reflected in Patrick Dladla, a resident of Melmoth who won over 4.4 million won in 2002. At the age of 49, Dladla forgives him to be smarter When he spends money, it's as fast and easy.

Most of Dladla's money is spent on cars, but after he started lending to friends and family, his property promised to repay him immediately but many years later he borrowed money from him Lost from the people who

Only two years from his great victory and consumption frenzy, Dladla is his home and all his, except for his memory of wealth and everything he has been given, and some friends and family members. I sold a car. That's right. Who owe him a lot of money.

According to the lottery experts, the story told by Patrick Dladla and Sibusiso Cebekhulu is not unique. Many of their biggest jackpots finally get into the hands of poor and even poor people in their lives. When they finally get the money they dream, they just don't know how to deal with it.

People who work for hundreds of people and who are excited about the prospects of thousands believe that millions will last forever. But, as these stories prove, this is not the case.

From unemployment to a millionaire

This lottery really improves life as one of the 30-year-old unemployed men from Durban has been shown to invest in R60 in a South African national lottery and win a jackpot of 34.4 million rand. You can.

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