The Powerball lottery has created numerous millionaires and even billionaires throughout the years. Some of the biggest winners have become the stuff of legend, but what has happened to them since their life-changing windfalls? In this blog post, we'll explore the stories of some of the most significant Powerball winners and provide updates on their lives post-jackpot.

Mavis Wanczyk: The Record-Breaking $758.7 Million Win

In August 2017, Mavis Wanczyk made history by winning the largest single-ticket Powerball jackpot ever – a staggering $758.7 million. The 53-year-old Massachusetts resident chose to take the lump-sum payment of $480.5 million before taxes. Wanczyk quit her job at a medical center and has since maintained a relatively low profile, focusing on spending time with her family and adjusting to her new life.

Gloria Mackenzie: The $590.5 Million Jackpot

In 2013, 84-year-old Gloria Mackenzie from Florida won an incredible $590.5 million Powerball jackpot, making her one of the biggest lottery winners of all time. Mackenzie opted for a lump-sum payment of $370.9 million before taxes. Since her win, she has remained relatively private, but it is known that she purchased a luxurious home in Jacksonville, Florida, and donated $2 million to repair the roof of a local high school.

The $1.586 Billion Jackpot: The Three Winners

The largest Powerball jackpot in history, a mind-blowing $1.586 billion, was won by three tickets in January 2016. The winning tickets were sold in California, Florida, and Tennessee. Each winner chose the lump-sum option, resulting in a payout of roughly $327.8 million before taxes. Here's a look at where they are now:

  • John and Lisa Robinson (Tennessee): The Robinsons appeared on the Today Show to announce their win, but since then, they have mostly stayed out of the spotlight. They purchased a new home and have been enjoying their new life while keeping a relatively low profile.

  • Maureen Smith and David Kaltschmidt (Florida): This Florida couple has also remained quite private since their win. They have reportedly made some investments and charitable donations but have otherwise focused on maintaining their pre-jackpot lifestyle.

  • Marvin and Mae Acosta (California): The Acostas waited six months to claim their prize and have maintained their privacy ever since. They released a statement expressing their intention to use their winnings responsibly, including making charitable donations and managing their newfound wealth for future generations.


The lives of these Powerball jackpot winners have undoubtedly changed since their incredible wins, but many have chosen to maintain a low profile and focus on family, investments, and philanthropy. These winners demonstrate that even with life-changing sums of money, staying grounded and true to one's values is possible. If you're inspired to try your luck and potentially become one of the next big Powerball winners, consider using a trusted lottery betting site like to bet on your favorite international lotteries.

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